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Leading From Inside The Ranks

October 13, 2010

Question: Who leads an army?

Take a look at any modern army, think about the question and then answer. You’re more than likely thinking the General… and you’d be correct. But who really leads an army? Not the 5 Star Generals sitting in their offices, the true leaders are the Lieutenants and Sergeants in the field with the men. An army is led from within its ranks.

You don’t have to be a manager or supervisor to be an influential leader! To quote one of the most influential men of his time Sergeant Hulka, “You don’t say ‘Sir’ to me, I’m a Sergeant, I work for a living.” (Stripes 1981) Team leaders rarely get the recognition of Managers or Department heads, but they are the ones with the most direct ability to impact the team as a whole.

“Lead by example.” Such an overused and worn out phrase… but it’s true. A managers most powerful weapon in their arsenal is a strong team leader ready to roll up their sleeves and set the right example. Position yourself to be that leader, to set the pace and lead by example and you put yourself into the role of your teams Sergeant.

Bottom line, leading a team doesn’t require you to be the manager, or Lieutenant… it requires you to step up and lead from inside the ranks.

Are you leading by example?

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  1. November 10, 2010 5:42 am

    Good post for an iCME to read!


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