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22 Social Media Terms Redefined (Just For Fun)

November 16, 2010

My point of view on life is that if you can’t take a step back and laugh at yourself once and a while, then you have no right to be living the life you’re living. Keeping that in mind, we all live in a fairly geeky world. The social media community is filled with techies and nerds alike… and we all have to admit that we have a pretty unique vocabularly! So here’s my way to poke fun at our geeky lingo.

22 Social Media Terms Redefined:

  1. Skype – “Silly Hype” Hype that is rediculous or silly in nature.
  2. Flickr – What one might do if their little sisteer was bothering them.
  3. YouTube – A tube of a personal nature.
  4. Facebook – similar in construction to a photo album but containing only faces.
  5. LinkedIn – The state of a person while they are connected to the Matrix.
  6. Ning – A “Ding” sound in the key of “N#”
  7. Slideshare – The act of sliding in order to share with someone.
  8. Twitter – Part of the insult, “You’re twitterer than I am!” Referencing that one persoon is more of a twit than another.
  9. Vimeo – A video that only contains images of the person filming it. Example: “I’m making a vimeo of myself roller skating.”
  10. Twellow – A stringed instrument resembling a Cello.
  11. Tweet – What one might do if they had to “Twinkle.”
  12. Hootsuite – A hotel room decorated heavily in wallpaper containing owls.
  13. Digg – An action taken by someone who wants to dig a really deep hole.
  14. Blog – Close relative to the wooden shoe known as the clog.
  15. Wiki – The sound a vinyl record makes when scratched on a turntable. Example: “Wiki Wiki…”
  16. WordPress – A machine which presses words into parchment or paper.
  17. RSS – Abbreviation for: Really Sad Story.
  18. Technorati – A selective cult of ninjas known to be tech geeks.
  19. Yammer – The act of Yamming someones yard. Similar to the act of using toilet paper to cover someones home.
  20. Google – One billion shy of a “Hoogle.” Which in the form of a polygon, would be refered to as a “Hoogleplex.”
  21. Diigo – Language spoken by the people of the Diig tribe.
  22. Yelp – What one does when suddenly startled by an unexpected pain.

Again… if you can’t laugh at your life, you have no right to be living it! I hope you enjoyed poking fun at our culture as much as I did.  🙂  (If you still haven’t cracked a smile yet, go google image search the phrase “Topeka Google” and start smiling!)

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  1. November 16, 2010 5:51 pm

    Matrix reference – ha! #12 is hilarious, too. Now you have to school the iCMEs on what some of these actually are. e.g. what’s slideshare? etc.

    • November 17, 2010 1:09 am

      Haha. Slideshare is just like it sounds. A program for sharing slide shows. lol


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