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HOW TO Use Links Without Re-Directing Your Blog Traffic

November 30, 2010

You’ve slaved over the keyboard for hours writing the perfect blog. You took the time to make it keyword rich and have the perfect set of tags. You’ve carefully selected a picture to draw in the attention of your readers. You proofed and re-proofed… and even added a couple of GREAT links to other blogs and sites to help boost your blogs overall SEO value.

All your hard work pays off… you’ve got a new reader. They’re really enjoying their first taste of your blog, reading a post when their eyes pass over a hyperlink built into your blog. Honoring the human instinct to be curious, they click the hyperlink… and BAM. They never set eyes on your blog again.

If you’re positioning hyperlinks in the body of your blog and not setting them to open up in a new window you’re essentially inviting them in the front door then pushing them out the back door and locking it behind them. You’ve earned your reader’s attention somehow, but if you aren’t making sure that your content stays in front of them… you’re failing as a blogger.

If you’re blog theme allows it, make sure that you’re setting your hyperlinks up to open in a new window. This not only allows your reader the experience of accessing information you obviously saw fit to share with them, but also gives them the chance to quickly go back to your blog without any additional work. In my WordPress theme it’s as simple as checking a box. I’ll even set links that are directing traffic further into my blog by jumping to a previous post to open up a new window. Take a moment if you aren’t already familiar with the hyperlink options on your blog and see what steps you need to take to ensure you aren’t re-directing your traffic away from your blog.

What else do you do to keep traffic on your blog focused on your content?

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  1. November 30, 2010 8:43 pm

    Do people sometimes choose to have the new link open in the same window for any reason? Seems like that happens a lot in other places I read. There must be some logic behind it, but what?

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